"Color in painting is like enthusiasm in life." ~ Van Gogh

"Color in painting is like enthusiasm in life." ~ Van Gogh


Artist Statement:

   Kristine Miller-Siple had the honor and privilege of teaching art at all levels after graduating from Kutztown University with an Art Education BS Degree. All her life she experimented with two- and three-dimensional art forms and numerous media before discovering the beauty and luminescence of oil painting studying with Bruce Becker at the Warehouse Studio. Common and whimsical objects from sentimental experiences are the primary focus of her paintings. She begins the process by taking her own photographs of the objects strategically positioning them until the exact composition is achieved balancing the object and the shadow it casts. These still life objects take on their own persona standing alone in space. Then the object is drawn on canvas and the fun begins. The excitement of the push and pull of color and value is the true essence of her painting experience. Each painting represents a visual study taken one step further by exploring the intricacies of the shadow it casts. Emphasis on the play of light and color in the shadow is a metaphor for looking back in time. Kristine's shadow play paintings are meant to inspire and reawaken pleasant memories for the viewer.

Shadowplay Thoughts

 Why shadows?

We are born with our shadow..

Is it our twin?

Is it an Angel?

Is it a reflection of our Spirit Guide?

Is it God reminding us of the gift of life?

What does it hold?

Besides our Faith our Shadow is with us forever…

When we are in complete darkness our shadow seeps inside of us and we become one…

When there is light our shadow becomes an extension of everything around us…

Shadows may be the long and short of light…

Their value and color are varied….

What happens when our shadows intersect?

Do our shadows have conversations?

They hold our memories…

They hold our mystery…

They hold our imagination…

They hold all physical being…

They hold spirituality….

We are never alone………

Criteria I seek in my paintings: Orderly spatial arrangements; Simplicity over complexity; Breathes Life.


 Email:  kmsoriginalart@me.com  

Studio 315

 Walk In Art Center

 Schuylkill Haven, PA